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♥ Sunday, March 27, 2011
nothings over

6months. yes 3months to go before i officially become an officer. never could i imagine that either. training was tough. mission back to back. packed schedule. and almost death experience Alpha Wing just came back from brunei few days back. it was a hell of a roller coaster ride for everyone of us. the schedule in brunei was seriously totally ridiculous for alpha. should not elaborate more. but whatever it is we made history in alpha with the most number of JCC passes. with the most number of footrot cases. yes i did survive JCC. and also survive my almost death experience. never did i know i was actually stung by an insect that causes my face to swell and itch i endured the pain from 26 0400hrs to 27 0400hrs i went through R&R in brunei with swollen face. reached singapore with a chest pain. could not bear the pain i went to A&E. but im all fine now. afterall, nothings over. why because we have to book in soon. get back to real life. tough trainings and mind torturing situation. to conclude i play you guys a song NOTHINGS OVER BY INFINITE

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